Faeries Wear Boots
“Goin’ home, late last night
Suddenly I got a fright
Yeah I looked through a window and surprised what I saw
A fairy with boots and dancin’ with a dwarf…”

Black Sabbath

“Digrif gan bob aderyn ei lais ei hun.” — Welsh, Brythonic
“Every silly bird enjoys his own song.”

The campaign setting and many of the characters therein, assumes and builds upon the conceptual life and experiences of my personal player-characters, their companions and (if they feel there is time) hopefully those of my friends…from our gaming days of yore. The events of the campaign begin in and around the principality of my narcissistic and unscrupulous, gray-elf archmage Saed Ath’ræl — The Faerie Realm of Celscendor…

Game History: The dominion of Vile Isle1 passed into the custodial care of Saed after he and the party defeated “Irvin the Great” and his vampire minions, under the auspices of then dungeon master Thomas Van Antwerp; whereupon Saed renamed the realm Celscendor, and has since altered the demesne to reflect his capricious, quixotic and esoteric aestheticism.


Between the artists, writers and the publishers, breath and life are given to our cherished hobby, and for that we are all grateful!

At this time I wish to say, I humbly request that you consider my non-profit application of your artwork in the illustration of my website, as genuine admiration of your vision and ability! I truly hope that I have given no offense to the creators and license holders thereof.

Along with the display of your artwork, it is my intention to precede each piece with a dedication; wherein I will include the artwork’s original title, the artist’s name with a hyperlink to their wiki-page profile, and a hyperlink to the website of any license-holding publisher. Artists’ wiki-pages will include my personal words of appreciation for your contribution, your biography and a hyperlink to your homepage. The image-files themselves will of course contain the name I’ve given the piece within my campaign, but more importantly I will include the previously stated credits in both the file-name and properties-tags as well. Please be patient with me, as this is an ongoing process and I have no wish to discount your contribution, for the inspiration you’ve given me!

If any artist or publisher wishes that I remove their artwork, I will of course accede to your wishes; once I have completed my site, I will notify you of the use of your art. I hope that when you see it completed, you’ll be pleased with the tribute for your contributions to the game and my website too. I don’t wish to cause undue harm to anyone, but instead hope to share my appreciation of your artwork with others!

1 Vile Isle©: Is an adventure written by the infamous Dale Kupris.

Faerie Realm of Celscendor

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