Kiearow Fae´Rhuitauré

Gray Elf, Female – Druidess


Dedication: Kiearow’s picture was created at the Grafit Studios for the game Impact of Gods by StimDreams Network Technology Co., Ltd. With this in mind and at this time, I am unaware of the particular artist that worked on the piece or the name thereof.

Kiearow is a lovely creature, standing 5’ 2” and with a lithely hourglass figure she weighs all of 87 pounds – her fiery auburn tresses tumble wildly about her supple torso; while her hair sweeps the small of her back, it is nevertheless much longer when her curls are relaxed or wet. The color of her eyes reminds many of the thistle’s blossom; softly reassuring with a sharp consideration. She has a fondness of staining her dusky skin with henna, in elaborately mystical motifs.


Kiearow is a gray – elven druidess of celebrated beauty and wisdom; having heard whispers of her renown among his kindred, Saed vigorously pursued the young elf – maiden. Having honed his bearing throughout his pursuit – Saed approached her with the reverence and modesty that normally lies outside his character; though Saed’s performance was enhanced by his genuine adoration of Kiearow’s serene beauty and demeanor.

Having heard murmurs of Saed’s bias and proclivity to redress any slight, Kiearow was initially suspicious of his motives but chose to forgo judgment and hear his proposal nonetheless…given the rumors of Saed’s propensities and arcane familiarity she certainly didn’t wish to provoke his ire.

Saed voiced his aspirations of locating indispensable companions, to assail those forces desecrating the remaining natural demesne of our kith and kin; he goes on to explain his frequent disappointment in finding others of his caliber that wish join him, and thus he decided it would be wiser to seek those of like mind – in place of those of comparable proficiency.

Saed recounts his enchantment with Kiearow’s acclaim, and his ensuing quest of discovering her in truth. He looks her in the eyes and with a smile, removes one of his rings (+2 Ring of Protection) and offers it to her while declaring, “There is no condition upon this gift, I make it in appreciation of your beauty and regard for our common labor. Separately we are currently engaged in this endeavor, but the strain borne alone can be dispiriting; might we lighten our burdens and hearts by bearing this yoke together? Please, consider my proposal of mutual service to the congregation I seek to establish.”

In parting, Saed tells Kiearow where he may be found and that he will await her answer through the week, but that he would resume pursuing potential candidates for the congregation thereafter; he hears that a resplendent island seems to have fallen under some curse, and he wishes to determine the veracity of accounts concerning the place they’re calling Vile Isle!

Kiearow Fae´Rhuitauré

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