Kwarjieh Headstone

Dwarf, Female – Priestess of Valaya



Kwarjieh is a fit young dwarven female that left her clan to serve Valaya. She has hazel eyes full of cheer, or empathy as the case may be; her chestnut hair is braided and bound while adventuring, it would otherwise reach below her knees. In the temple you may find her in the purple robes of her order, but while adventuring she wears the best dwarven full plate with purple accessories. In melee she often uses her military pick and shield, and her crossbow or spells at a distance.

Kwarjieh’s as firm as any dwarven stone — in nature, but with the smoothly weathered surface of an old soul; Kwarjieh’s gentle demeanor reveals the devotion of her faith as a caregiver and defender of her race. She cares little for the production of dwarven industry, as reproductions stand in place for the works of art wrought by her race’s innovators. Kwarjieh is certain that the flight and sprawl of her race has exposed their core to mold; wherein price has replaced value, and thus devaluing their dwarven spirit. She sees her race clinging to their loss as they surely lose themselves! When in truth the dwarves haven’t lost the glory of their past, but they have lost their homes — and their spirit! With Valaya’s blessing, these are the ideas she seeks to sow.


Kwarjieh Headstone was born in the dwarfhold of Zhufbar; her clan and craft – guild was the stone sculptors and monument builders therein, but this dwarf maiden felt little attraction for the sculptures and monuments of her clan. Kwarjieh is firm as the stone they work, but she bears the weathered surface of an old soul; she refused to be claimed by her many admirers, their only wish to propagate their name and wealth.

With the loss of Zhufbar to the greenskins Kwarjieh recognized that her race’s enduring struggle for survival wouldn’t be found in the glory of a past that can’t be lost, but in reclaiming the homes that were; with this realization in mind she sought to serve the dwarves’ maternal ancestor Valaya, and left her clan’s craft – guild to do so. Soon enough a dwarven army assembled to retake Zhufbar, but Kwarjieh’s hopes were soon thwarted when the army was decimated by the orcs and goblins within. As a young Initiate of Valaya, she cared for the injured dwarves; while doing so she heard rumors of a young runesmith that had been called away from the Zhufbar expedition, to recover Content Not Found: ghal-maraz within the ruins of Karak Azgal. She was intrigued by the stories of the runesmith that selflessly labored to equip many dwarves that would join the army.

After completing her duties, attending to the needs of the injured, she set out to meet this runesmith she had heard so much of. Though the journey to Karak Azgul was perilous, she fortunately arrived at her destination and met the runesmith Mourendar Boulderdash in the Miner’s Bounty. Mourendar’s belief that a malady is contaminating the dwarves of Karak Azgul was already influenced by the High Priestess of Valaya, Balikina Furlisdotr and the Master Runesmith Rorantok Damirson, but Kwarjieh solidified his opinion when she told him, “Dwarves cling to their loss, even as they lose themselves!” With the dwarven magpies in Karak Azgal proliferating, Mourendar now perceives the eternal loss facing his race too. Since this time Kwarjieh and Mourendar have become fast friends, seeing in the other the strength of character they lack, and it may be said that Mourendar is the antiseptic to Kwarjieh’s salve; for while many find Mourendar to be caustic, Kwarjieh’s demeanor is just as soothing!

Kwarjieh too, pursues the very aims that Mourendar seeks to realize. Having cleared the Forges of skaven, and defeating the elven liche Koros—dar Nael, in the tombs of Karak Azgal’s Ancestors; Kwarjieh, Mourendar and the others now reside within the ruins’ Forges, holding the gains they have made. The questing troupe has come to be called the Fellowship of the Forge, and may very well herald Kwarjieh and Mourendar’s vision of the Dwarven Knighthood they seek to establish. The Order of the Sceaf and Scyldingas of Valaya, dedicated to retaking the lost dwarfholds in her honor!

Kwarjieh Headstone

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