Saed Ath´ræl

Gray Elf, Male – Archmage & Ard’Righ “High King” of Celscendor


Dedication: The image of Saed, is from the first edition card ‘Julian, Ascended to Godhood’ – for the Trading Card Game Legend of the Cryptids created by Applibot.

The alias of Pencil1203 is the only reference that I have found thus far for the artist in question; with the closure of CGHUB, I have been unsuccessful in finding any other website for the individual in question other than a blog in Korean?

His Imperial Fey Majesty Saed Ath´ræl, Ard’Righ of Celscendor, Magister of the Faerie Dance, Herald of the Dawn, Harbinger of the Evening & Beacon on the Horizon, Grand Drake of Lake Ath’ræl & Island Unto Himself…

Although the circumstances of Saed’s illegitimate birth denied him the privileges befitting his regal faerie bloodline, he did inherit the preternatural splendor of his indifferent kin. With their derision, one of many misfortunes experienced, Saed predictably developed the irreverent ambition to prove himself their superior…along with his evolving vanities and callously calculating nature.

Naturally Saed was considered fetching, but chief among his vanities is an aesthetic self–absorption…in his aspiring pursuit to epitomize elven virility and beauty, Saed flawlessly wields alteration – polymorph spells more skillfully than the finest plastic surgeon plies their scalpel. Saed’s countenance wasn’t his only source of discontent though; he assertively altered his stature too…gazing down upon many that may well consider themselves his contemporaries. Saed is eternally adorned in the finest raiment; standing five foot eleven and weighing 151 pounds, his courteously lithe figure deceptively glides about you.

Saed braids assorted locks of his lustrous golden hair with various colors of silk streamers and rings of semi–precious stone; employing these braids to keep his waist length ringlets in check, while still allowing the curls to adorn his persona. There is a mystifying symmetry to his countenance and his beguiling youthful features are neither childish nor entirely masculine; the one feature that may truly be considered childlike, would be the extended iridescence of his gilt lashes…soothing others with softly glimmering winks. Saed’s arching and cagey brows effectively frame the drama of his eyes; upon their china white stage you’re lost within iris’ of indigo and violet – with flecks of aqua and gold, the corona embracing the eclipse within. Saed’s eyes enjoy the comparable beauty of black opals, with light entirely their own; while his pupils are far deeper and forever darker than any void, and consume the light around you. Skirting Saed’s genuinely mischievous smile, his disarming dimples diminish the menacing flash of very prominent canines.


Saed Ath´ræl

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