Staff of Vampiric Might


Dedication: The staff’s image, is just one of the many wicked looking items created for the Dark Elf faction and the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning – MMORPG; the game was developed by Mythic Entertainment in concert with Games Workshop, creators of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the Fantasy Roleplaying Game too.

Beginning in 2013, Mythic Entertainment shut down Warhammer Online and within the year their parent company (EA Games) Electronic Arts closed Mythic’s doors as well; fortunately, Dan Scott signed this piece but with the game’s demise, the original title eludes me.

Staff of Vampiric Might (Minor Artifact) – Elisé Kalabria’s Treasure Hoard


The staff was taken from Irvin the Great (nominal ruler of Vile Isle) by the Archmage – Saed Ath´ræl. Upon claiming the staff, Saed was subsequently attacked by Corellon Larethian’s aleax. Saed was fortunate enough to have defeated the avatar but was then spurned by the elven deity thereafter, and was instead bound to Iuz the Old…this earned Saed’s enduring enmity!

While in the service of Iuz, Saed began his studies of the Necromancer’s Secret Craft (Principalities of Glantri) and subsequently with the acquisition of Iggwilv’s Demonomicon (along with Daoud’s Wonderous Lanthorn and the Prison of Zagig) he also pursued the Secret Craft of Diablerie. During his service to Iuz, Saed acquired a quasit familiar and fostered the creation of two vampire minions with the staff: the human – fighter Gældar and the drow elf – cleric Vlondril (Descent into the Depths.)

Following his indentured service, Saed exchanged Daoud’s Wonderous Lanthorn for a ring of multiple wishes; one of which, he used to break the quasit’s bond and gain a hatchling, emerald dragon familiar in its place…whom he named Elisé Kalabria. Saed has been exceedingly generous with his new familiar, bestowing valuable gifts upon her; through his necromantic skills he recreated his vampire minions Gældar and Vlondril as a nosferatu (D&D Rules Cyclopedia) and a banshee respectively…whereupon, he gave Elisé Kalabria the staff too!

Staff of Vampiric Might

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