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  • Saed Ath'ræl

    *Dedication*: The image of Saed, is from the first edition card – '*Julian, Ascended to Godhood*', for the Trading Card Game "Legend of the Cryptids":http://www.applibot.co.jp/e/service/detail_006.php created by "Applibot": …

  • Sarc Colchis

    *Dedication*: [[Songnan Li]]

    [[File:346155 | class=media-item-align-center | Sarc_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Half Orc -- Fighter & Thief

    Lord Sarc …

  • Fleur de Mal

    *Dedication*: Fleur de Mal’s picture is in fact the sublime artwork of [[Luis Royo]], and the picture '*Medusa's Gaze*' is from his Subversive Beauty Portfolio. You can find his sensational art books here in America, through …

  • Kiearow Fae'Rhuitauré

    *Dedication*: Kiearow’s picture was created at the [[Grafit Studios]] for the game *Impact of Gods* by "StimDreams Network Technology Co., Ltd":http://shengdnm.com/index_en.asp. With this in mind and at this time, I am …

  • M'Larky


    [[File:342605 | class=media-item-align-center | M_Larky_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Hobbit -- Ranger, Thief (Acrobat) & Bard

  • Pilfrd Folvle

    *Dedication*: Pilfrd's representation is actually the artwork of [[Lane Brown]] and the painting in question was originally of the character and Court-Astrologer '*Haron esh Kazzar*', created for "Pathfinder Tales":http:// …

  • Siaélar Phaen'Ellecwae

    *Dedication*: Siaélar Phaen'Ellecwae's image is in fact the sublime painting '*Sense, the Goddess of Sun*' by [[Eve Ventrue]] that she did for the Trading Card Game "Legend of the Cryptids":http://www.applibot.co.jp/e/ …

  • Cala


    [[File:346528 | class=media-item-align-center | Cala_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Human, Male — High Priest of Thor

    His Royal Majesty Cala, …

  • Atar


    [[File:356223 | class=media-item-align-center | Atar_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Human, Male — Ranger & Monk

    Lord Atar, _abdicated as_ The …

  • Slinor


    [[File:432754 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x629px | Slinor_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Noble-Vanir Ice-Elf Enchantress

    _Mike Miller_

  • Astanon

    *Dedication*: Astanon's picture was derived from the artwork of [[Xteve Abanto]] from the Philippines, and I would like to apologize to Xteve now, for having cropped his original piece _"Step Into the Light":https:// …

  • Effin

    *Dedication*: [[Ola O-l-I-v-I]]

    [[File:433472 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x889px | Effin_Ola_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Elf _(Baith Cairaden)_ Male — Ranger & Cleric of Solonor …

  • Conar


    [[File:511020 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x667px | Conar_Obsidian-Wiki.jpg]]

    High Elf, Male — Fighter & Mage

    Lord Conar of …

  • Garm Ginsu

    *Dedication*: Garm's picture is in fact the artwork of [[Kerem Beyit]], and the picture in question is actually his piece...

    [[File:511022 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x755px | Ginsu_Obsidian-Wiki.jpg]]

  • Amyress Lloergan

    *Dedication*: Amyress’ likeness is the painting Dark Elf by [[Aki Zhao]] her use of the somber-palette is very subtle, nicely balanced, with the shadows of an earthly-red garment in contrast to the light of blue-skies above …

  • Tielock


    [[File:775453 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x791px | Tielock_Fen_Obsidian_Wiki_-_King_of_Thorns_by_Jason_Chan.jpg]]

    Half Elf -- Fighter, Assassin & Bard

  • Sarc Colchis

    Lord Sarc Colchis – Champion of Nuada, Viscount of Colchis & Gereth Minar, Prefect of Denagoth & Field Marshal of Wendar

  • Kiearow Fae´Rhuitauré

    Kiearow is a gray – elven druidess of celebrated beauty and wisdom; having heard whispers of her renown among his kindred, Saed vigorously pursued the young elf – maiden. Having honed his bearing throughout his pursuit – …