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  • Islief Volsung


    [[File:342439 | class=media-item-align-center | Isleif_Volsung_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Elf _(Falathrim)_ Male — Cleric of Calitha Starbrow, Bard & Ship's Captain

  • Escher


    [[File:499925 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x645px | Escher_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Gnome, Male — Illusionist


  • Garish


    [[File:511025 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x761px | Garish_Obsidian-Wiki.jpg]]

    Half-Orc, Male — Fighter


  • Islief Volsung

    Whispering within the shells he gathered as a child, the rhythm of the surf drew Isleif to the shore and the pools left in the wake of receding tides. There he would sail the boats made from the shells that he found along …