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  • Kwarjieh Headstone

    *Dedication*: [[Eva Widermann]]

    [[File:342445 | class=media-item-align-center | Kwarjieh_Headstone_-_Obsidian_Wiki.jpg]]

    Dwarf, Female — Priestess of Valaya

    Mourendar Boulderdash

    *Dedication*: Mourendar’s picture is in fact the artwork of [[Kerem Beyit]], and the picture in question is actually his piece Arkin Ironshanks for the "Duel of Ages Game":http://www.duelofages.com/.

    [[File:542744 …

  • Imrak Grosz

    *Dedication*: Imrak's image is actually a photograph of the painted, _limited-edition_ and exceptional miniature Grünkful, sculpted by [[Raúl García Latorre]] and distributed by "Mproyec":http://www.mproyec.com/#!home/c1qzr …

  • Moijran Seolfor

    *Dedication*: [[Tyler Edlin]]

    [[File:541998 | class=media-item-align-center | 500x625px | Moijran_Seolfor_Obsidian_Wiki_-_Bear_Rider_by_Tyler_Edlin.jpg]]

    Dwarf, Female — Noble & …

  • Mourendar Boulderdash

    Mourendar was born a little over 100 years ago to the clan of runesmiths within the halls of [[Karak Norn]], amidst the impoverished [[Grey Mountains]]. His refugee clan was driven out of [[Mount Silverspear]]; as are most …

  • Kwarjieh Headstone

    Kwarjieh Headstone was born in the dwarfhold of [[Zhufbar]]; her clan and craft – guild was the stone sculptors and monument builders therein, but this dwarf maiden felt little attraction for the sculptures and monuments of …