Mourendar Boulderdash

Dedication: Mourendar’s picture is in fact the artwork of Kerem Beyit, and the picture in question is actually his piece Arkin Ironshanks for the Duel of Ages Game.


Dwarf, Male — Master Runesmith

Mourendar Boulderdash, Founder – Fellowship of the Forge

Mourendar’s intensive metal craft and labors have shaped his broad form, but as he’s matured the girth below his chest is apparently catching up with his four and half foot stance. Anyone thinking he may have slowed with age though may be shocked to find he’s as fast as any elf, in a straight line, even while wearing his armor…Mourendar created his own rune armor; the leather, chain and plate is of the best craftsmanship, and very ornate – after the dwarven fashion. In his powerful hands he is often clutching his very own rune hammer Haglkorn “Hail Stone” along with his matching shield.

While adventuring with the visor up, his face reveals the deep bronze complexion he’s acquired through years of toil over his forge; many are unsettled by the flinty glare of his pale gray eyes – that deeply reflect his initial circumspection of those he meets. Early in Mourendar’s career, he learned that many humans (among others) don’t say what they mean; an altogether alien concept to the rustic, Grey Dwarves of Karak Norn. With his visor up or down his long – braided copper hair and beard remain visible, and are bound with rings and pendants.

Mourendar “Boulderdash” is dour in the face of fools, their word or deed. He’s grown to mistrust the motives of others that he meets, but has kept his honor – even when dealing with those that have betrayed him. It may be said that Mourendar is the salt of the earth – even as you’ll feel the sting of rock-salt in his speech:

“You’ll profit more in the service to the living, than you will by bleeding the dead.”
“It’s better to boldly die upon your feet, than live on your knees as a parasite.”

Those demonstrating honor and compassion for the less fortunate will discover a robustly faithful friend – willing to lay down his life for them. Having arrived in Karak Azgal, Mourendar has a new found appreciation for the dwarven ancestors, particularly Valaya – mother of dwarves, and with this he’s found his place in the scheme of things:

“My pride resides in humility before our ancestors, and I will only be as great – as the children deem laudable.
My actions belong to the present, my tale to the ages, but my value – will be revealed through the children!”

Recently Mourendar has shouldered the burden of founding a dwarven knighthood; devoted to the will of the dwarven ancestor and matron Valaya — of the hearth, healing and brewing. The order’s badge is reminiscent of one dear to Valaya: an escutcheon purpure, a barley sheaf or, bound & knotted with hops vert, and will be called The Order of the Sceaf and Scyldingas of Valaya (Sheave and Shields of Valaya.) The neutral templar’s commission: to reclaim the lost dwarfholds for Valaya and posterity. This duty will not be born alone, with the deep and abiding friendship of Valaya’s priestess — Kwarjieh Headstone, they’ve sworn to see this through; as Kwarjieh revealed to Mourendar:

“Our race’s enduring struggle for survival won’t be found in retaking the glory of a past that can’t be lost, but by reclaiming the homes that were!”

Mourendar Boulderdash

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