Xteve Abanto

Xteve Abanto is from the Philippines, near Dumaguete City.


Astanon’s likeness: Xteve’s original painting ‘Step Into the Light’ portrays Annatar ‘Lord of Gifts’ (an alias of The Dark-Lord Sauron) donning ‘The One Ring’ – while the secondary-character (not seen here) the first among ‘The Nine’ succumbs to the power of Sauron and ‘The One Ring’…Sauron took on a pleasant form and went to the Elves of Eregion in disguise, offering them hidden knowledge.

Sauron’s likeness (and thus Astanon’s too) may appear familiar to many; Xteve employed the likeness of actor Benedict Cumberbatch to that of Sauron’s pleasant form – interestingly enough, the actor resembles Astanon’s creator Adam. Once again, I wish to apologize to Xteve for the alteration, as I meant no offence; the inclusion of his work (like imitation) is meant as the sincerest form of flattery and an appreciation of his work.

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Xteve Abanto

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