Galar Cawr


Dedication: One of many design-concepts for the greatswords used by the Swordmasters of Hoath and the high-elf faction, in the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning – MMORPG; the game was developed by Mythic Entertainment in concert with Games Workshop, creators of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and the Fantasy Roleplaying Game too.

The original image included two strikingly similar swords of differing lengths; therefore, I would like to apologize for having cropped the picture. Beginning in 2013, Mythic Entertainment shut down Warhammer Online and within the year their parent company (EA Games) Electronic Arts closed Mythic’s doors as well; with their demise, I’ve been unable to determine which of the many artists involved in the game’s development should receive credit for this particular piece and the title thereof.

Galar Cawr (Welsh) “Giant’s Grief” – Amyress Lloergan’s Bastard Sword


The bastard sword was recovered from the stronghold of Nosnra “Steading of the Hill Giant Chief” by the Archmage – Saed Ath’ræl and was thereafter presented as a gift, to his prospective devotee the Ranger – Amyress Lloergan; a gift, warmly received!

Galar Cawr

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